Friday, April 15, 2011

Special Episode for International Record Store Day

Just in time to join in for the celebrations for this year's International Record Store Day on April 16th, Krafty and J finally unveil the long talked about but until now, never heard Record Store Day show. A show so epic it had to be delivered in two parts... Both halves taking you on a bricks and mortar tour of some of Toronto's coolest and well used record store emporiums, featuring the music of Jimi Hendrix, Al Stewart, Slade, Johnny Thunders, The Godfathers and lots more fab discs you can find this weekend whilst rooting through your favourite shop, wherever you may be.

A Note From The Producers & The Record Store Show

Lets face it, some shows take longer to put together than others. The time it takes to confirm facts, and in some cases locate the music we want you to hear, usually takes a lot longer than we expect.

The show we did on the early Toronto alternative music scene, "Your Punk Roots are Showing," was a victim of this and our newest production focusing on Ontario independent music stores and the diverse collection of wares they carry suffered the same fate.

And I say so be it.

If one or two extra days, or in some cases in reference to the before mentioned Record Store Day Show, a couple of months, produces a better more informative and enriching experience, then we are going to continue to do that. Sure it may tick a few people off, but for the majority of listeners who continue to tune into our twice.monthly broadcasts, I'm sure they will appreciate that extra effort we put in to tweaking the knobs, crossing all the Ts and dotting the Is.

That's good because over the the next year we intend to evolve into one of the best online musical magazines out there. Still saying what we feel, kicking down some doors and continuing to make the music we think you should hear relevant to you.

Sometimes it's a tough job and although we here at the Irrelevant Rock and Roll and Music show love what  we do, you can be assured we aren't going to keep our eye on the clock anytime soon. So if you head over to the VirtuallyAudio website, you will be finally able to hear the long delayed Record Store Show. It is so stuffed with all sorts of cool music, interesting facts and witty banter that we had to stretch it over two installments. A show we feel really rocks.

A little tardy, but all the better for it.

J Hoskins

Producer, The Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show

Producer and co host J Hoskins standing outside Music, located in Serbringville, Ontario, just a few miles outside of Stratford. (Visit the Music site here) This is just one of the great independent music stores you can visit on April 16th in support of International Record Store Day