Saturday, February 25, 2012

RE-BROADCAST: The Record Store Day Shows and an Update From Our Host

Having been informed of the sudden end of the seven year run of Rue Morgue Radio, which aired their last transmission this past weekend, I thought it's a appropriate time to come clean about some recent developments.

First Let's make it perfectly clear, the "Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show" is not going off the air now or anytime in the near future. But let's face it: shit happens. And when it happens at our little rock and roll show it sometimes hits with the force of a Tornado and kicks like a freakin' mule.

As well as breaking in a new co-host, a really added bonus was a particularly nasty and malicious computer virus that arrived just before Christmas which struck the Virtually Audio nerve center and laid waste to our post production facilities.

So as we take a deep breath, survey the damage and attempt to right the broadcast boat, we are going to continue to do what we do best which is letting you know about great music and where to get it. 

Enjoy the re-broadcast of our fabulous two part incredible ever expanding Record Store Day Show to get you all reved up for International Record Store Day in April.


And as for the crew of the Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show, we will be back with all new shows in March with new co-host John Howarth, a man who has a much bigger record collection than most of us and isn't afraid to share it.

See you then. we promise, really we do.

J Hoskins, Dr Prog, and John Howarth

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Off The Radar: Great Independent Music To Check Out

Check out the new section at top left of the main blog page to sample some great albums from independent musicians that have pleased our ears, including:

The Progressive Metal of 19 A.D.D.

The Symphonic Prog of Willowglass...

The Progressive Guitar of Jeff Pearson...