Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Re-Broadcast: The Shredders Show

To continue our All Prog Summer, we're re-broadcasting our show entirely dedicated to that rare breed known as "shredders." Yes, those guitar wizards that are faster than a speeding bullet and sometimes think that they can jump over tall buildings and don’t always play well with others.

Musical heroes, and in some instances villains, cut a large swath through the heart of modern music and its many diverse layers. Names like Gilbert, Malmsteen, MacAlpine and Petrucci, who stand toe to toe unleashing a pyrotechnic display of fret board virtuosity and sometimes even get around to penning the odd song or two.

So step away from the sunscreen and beach umbrella and join co-hosts J Hoskins and guitar maverick and composer of the album, "Decade," Jeff Pearson, as they introduce you to a hybrid of Rock, Classical, Jazz and Alternative six string alchemists that define the very essence of what prog and progressive music is and what it continues to be …. Fearless music


This is all part of the service from your friends at the Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show... 

We wouldn’t have any other way.

Jeff Pearson - Decade


Featured on the show are: