Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Prog Summer Music Series

Special Announcement for all Lovers of Innovative Music

In early July, The Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music show will commence It's first "All Prog Summer Music Series" with three new shows each month dedicated to that unique corner of music known as Progressive Rock.

Join J Hoskins and guest host Christopher Rutty (aka) "Dr Prog," as they take you on a musical journey that is guaranteed to open your mind as well as your ears. The special shows being planned include: "The Branches of Genesis, (Parts 1 and 2)" "The Headphone Show", "The New Face Of Prog," and lots more neat stuff.

The Branches of Genesis - Anthony Phillips & Steve Hackett, Part 1

To kick off their "All Prog Summer Series," J Hoskins and guest host Christopher Rutty delve into the multi-faceted careers of former Genesis axemen Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips. 

This "Branches of Genesis" show traces the sounds they continued to forge after they left the mother ship and cut their own unique musical paths.

Anthony Phillips, 2008

Steve Hackett, 2010

Part 1 of the show focuses on the dynamic and often similar solo paths Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett followed after they each left Genesis, which was in 1970 for Phillips and 1977 for Hackett. 

The discussion includes a selection of definitive tracks from Phillips' and Hackett's many albums up to the early 1990s and traces how through their distinctive electric and acoustic guitar styles and sensitivities continued and expanded the original Genesis progressive music spirt they played such an essential role in developing.

Part 2 will take their solo stories up to the present, when they finally connected and Phillips played on Hackett's latest album.

For details on all things Phillips and Hackett, be sure to visit their websites,