Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Re-Broadcast: The Christmas Show: 2008

In a effort to wind down and say goodbye to Krafty's tenure on the Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show, while still maintaining the festive spirit of the season, we resurrect our Yule time show from two years ago.

The show features music from the Ontario Music Awards, The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet, and the ten albums we think you should have under your tree this December.

Happy holidays indeed, courtesy of your friends at the Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Once & Future Icons Show

In preparation for Krafty's final regular show at the end of the month, and the debut of new co-host John Howarth, J and Krafty take a trip to the vaults to re-broadcast one of their favorite shows from last year: "Once and Future Icons."
On this show, Krafty reveals his strange obsession for Lady Gaga while navigating the music of Jimmy Page, Bob Seger, the awesome sound of the Black Crowes, the progressive blues of Joe Bonnamassa, and who knew The Damned could sound as relevant today as they did in the early eighties.
So pull up a chair and settle yourself in for a wild ride. 

This is full throttle rock'n' roll to the max with a dash of nostalgia on the side. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Branches of Genesis - Anthony Phillips & Steve Hackett, Part 2

J. Hoskins & guest host, Christopher Rutty (aka "Dr Prog"), continue their unique in-depth examination of the solo careers of ex-Genesis guitarists, Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett. 

The show picks up their parallel musical paths in the mid-1990s and traces their extensive studio album output to the present, closing the loop when Ant played on Steve's "Out of the Tunnel's Mouth" masterpiece. 

The distinctive paths of Phillips' and Hackett's post-Genesis musical journey clearly reflects, continues and expands on the original Genesis spirit they both helped forge. Moreover, as this special extended episode illustrates, their solo albums underscore a vital, yet sensitive, progressive music fearlessness that both of these guitar geniuses have maintained to this day. 

To keep up to date on all things Steve Hackett & Anthony Phillips, visit their websites.

Steve Hackett live in Rome, May 2011

Anthony Phillips in Steve's studio, June 2009

Saturday, October 1, 2011

4th Season Kick-Off!

In October we kick off our 4th season! Here's what we've got planned:

Oct 3rd: The Branches of Genesis: Part 2 (with co-host, Dr. Prog)
Featuring the words & music of former Genesis guitarists, Steve Hackett & Anthony Phillips.

Oct 9th: The Return Of The Roots Of Rock Show (with the return of Krafty)
Featuring: Black Country Communion, The Black Crowes, the Faces inspired tunes of Saint Jude, and a special tribute to the late great Gary Moore.

Oct 16th: The Progressive Choice Cuts Show
J & Chris (Dr. Prog) look at the discs that get their progressive juices humming and that have remained a fixture on their turntables for many, many years. Featuring: Riverside, FM, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes and latter day King Crimson.

Oct 28th: The First Official Halloween Show (with singer/ songwriter Nikki Benton)
Featuring: the Top 5 of music that really scares you, plus a spooky retrospective of King Diamond, classics from Alice Cooper, a blast from the past from Cradle of Filth, horror movie theme music and lots more stuff to keep you awake at night.

Click to see our press release for more details

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rebroadcast: "Another Really Big Prog Show"

This week we are rebroadcasting "Another Big Prog Show" with a little new, a little old, and a bit retro.  It was originally broadcast in March 2010.

Stay tuned for the Branches of Genesis Part 2 coming in the next week or two!

Until then this show features Big Big Train, Frost, Abigail's Ghost and The Lee Saunders Project. 

The two co-hosts, J. Hoskins & Krafty, also lock horns over the definition of what is progressive and what is prog. 

For the icing on the musical cake, they advise you how to spend your hard earned money on early Jethro Tull.

Big Big Train: The Underfall Yard (2009)

Frost: Experiments in Mass Appeal (2008)

Abigail's Ghost: D_LETION (2009)

The Lee Saunders Project: A Promise of Peace (1995)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prog Summer Update

Its been a busy summer for everyone at IRRMS and the frequency of shows for the All Prog Summer has not been as often as planned, but will extend through September.

However, Part 2 of "The Branches of Genesis Show: Anthony Phillips & Steve Hackett" will be completed in another week or so and its sounding very good.

In the meantime, you can browse through the many past episodes of the IRRMS that are listed along the left side of the blog, several of which are prog-focused.

Also, following in the more symphonic prog vein of Anthony Phillips, as well as Steve Hackett, I invite you to check out "Willowglass." 

1st Willowglass album (2005)

Here is an excellent description of what you'll hear as outlined on

WILLOWGLASS is solo artist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Marshall who lives in Yorkshire, England. Although involved in music from a young age and has played in various local groups over the last 20 years, the self-titled debut is his very first solo outing. Andrew's work blends 1970's style progressive rock with elements of classical music, adding a colourful palette of emotions & mood to his compositions, which have a uniquely English pastoral feel. It is clear that his inspiration has come from numerous symphonic prog rock bands since the 60s/70s and there are notable references to early GENESIS, YES, CAMEL and even a touch of PINK FLOYD thrown in for good measure. 
The self-titled debut (2005) contains ten instrumental tracks recorded between September 2004 and April 2005, with lashings of mellotron, flute, 12-string acoustic & electric guitars. If you listen carefully you may find references to other works such as : CAMEL- "Rain Dances", GENESIS- "Selling England By The Pound", BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST - "Everyone Is Everybody Else" and YES - "Fragile". However, this is NOT just a hackneyed clone of past Classics, it is a sophisticated, graceful & intelligent interpretation of these, taking the lucky listener on a journey into lush green pastures where we can forget the busy world and almost believe we are back in 1970's again ...
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to those who like any of the 1970's classic prog bands mentioned above and especially for those who like the style & mood of Anthony PHILLIPS' "The Geese & the Ghost".

2nd Willowglass album
Book of Hours (2008)

Visit the Willowglass website for more background, sound samples, reviews, and how to get the albums. They are both downloadable via iTunes.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Prog Summer Music Series

Special Announcement for all Lovers of Innovative Music

In early July, The Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music show will commence It's first "All Prog Summer Music Series" with three new shows each month dedicated to that unique corner of music known as Progressive Rock.

Join J Hoskins and guest host Christopher Rutty (aka) "Dr Prog," as they take you on a musical journey that is guaranteed to open your mind as well as your ears. The special shows being planned include: "The Branches of Genesis, (Parts 1 and 2)" "The Headphone Show", "The New Face Of Prog," and lots more neat stuff.

The Branches of Genesis - Anthony Phillips & Steve Hackett, Part 1

To kick off their "All Prog Summer Series," J Hoskins and guest host Christopher Rutty delve into the multi-faceted careers of former Genesis axemen Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips. 

This "Branches of Genesis" show traces the sounds they continued to forge after they left the mother ship and cut their own unique musical paths.

Anthony Phillips, 2008

Steve Hackett, 2010

Part 1 of the show focuses on the dynamic and often similar solo paths Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett followed after they each left Genesis, which was in 1970 for Phillips and 1977 for Hackett. 

The discussion includes a selection of definitive tracks from Phillips' and Hackett's many albums up to the early 1990s and traces how through their distinctive electric and acoustic guitar styles and sensitivities continued and expanded the original Genesis progressive music spirt they played such an essential role in developing.

Part 2 will take their solo stories up to the present, when they finally connected and Phillips played on Hackett's latest album.

For details on all things Phillips and Hackett, be sure to visit their websites,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Incredible Ever Expanding Record Store Day Show - Part 2

Krafty and J finally unveil Part 2 of The Incredible Ever Expanding Record Store Show

We take you on a bricks and mortar tour of some of Toronto's coolest and well used record store emporiums, featuring the music of Bow Wow Wow, Steve Miller Band, Chicago Transit Authority and the Godfathers.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

DJ Krafty Is On The Move This Summer!

DJ Krafty is not content to just co-host "The Irrelevant Rock & Roll Show," and at the same time front one of the more interesting Blues Bands that Toronto has seen in years.

DJ Krafty has now turned his attention towards not only hosting @ Limelight Dance Club Reunion (250 Adelaide Street West), but also finding time to set up a weekly "Soul of Rock Night," spinning the best in Motown, Soul and Funk to Rock at Disgraceland (965 Bloor Street West) every Sunday.

When does this guy find time to sleep!!?

Head over to Krafty's YouTube Channel and check out all the fun you've missed already. If you like what you see, tell him, so we can have lots more of his great events throughout the summer.

You can also follow DJ Krafty's exploits on Twitter and find out more about his diverse musical talents at the VirtuallyAudio site.

Finally, coming very soon, J. and Krafty are proud to present the 2nd and last part of the Incredible and ever expanding Record Store Show. This show continues their bricks and mortar tour of the best Independent Music Stores the Toronto area has to offer and the great selection of music of all shapes and sizes that can be found within their wall.

Hang on to your wallets. This one's going to cost you!

RIP Monster Records - Toronto

Before we went to broadcast the 2nd part of the Incredible Ever Expanding Record Store Show, we at The Irrelevant Rock & Roll Show received some rather sad news.

After a legendary 14-year run as a fixture on Toronto's Yonge Street and seen by many as one of this city's best used Record Stores, Monster Records closed its doors for the last time on April 8th of this year.

No detailed explanation was given except that the owners noting that the business and the neighbourhood had changed so much over the last few years that it no longer seemed viable to continue on as they were.

The only bright light to this sad state of affairs is that the people that run Monster Records have vowed to carry on their now famous Thin Lizzy Tribute Night, which features local bands paying musical homage to the artistry of the great late Phil Lynott.

Head over to the store's website to find out details about when and where.

Good bye Monster Records. You will be missed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rebroadcast: Roots and Rock Show

In preparation of a brand new overview of the current state of Roots and Classic Rock, coming at you in June, Krafty and J resurrect an earlier version from the depths of the Irrelevant Rock and Roll vaults to tide you over until next week. 

In the meantime, they are both hard at work on last minute tinkering on the second half of the really big Record Store Day Show.

Hold on to your hats. It's going to be epic...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Special Episode for International Record Store Day

Just in time to join in for the celebrations for this year's International Record Store Day on April 16th, Krafty and J finally unveil the long talked about but until now, never heard Record Store Day show. A show so epic it had to be delivered in two parts... Both halves taking you on a bricks and mortar tour of some of Toronto's coolest and well used record store emporiums, featuring the music of Jimi Hendrix, Al Stewart, Slade, Johnny Thunders, The Godfathers and lots more fab discs you can find this weekend whilst rooting through your favourite shop, wherever you may be.

A Note From The Producers & The Record Store Show

Lets face it, some shows take longer to put together than others. The time it takes to confirm facts, and in some cases locate the music we want you to hear, usually takes a lot longer than we expect.

The show we did on the early Toronto alternative music scene, "Your Punk Roots are Showing," was a victim of this and our newest production focusing on Ontario independent music stores and the diverse collection of wares they carry suffered the same fate.

And I say so be it.

If one or two extra days, or in some cases in reference to the before mentioned Record Store Day Show, a couple of months, produces a better more informative and enriching experience, then we are going to continue to do that. Sure it may tick a few people off, but for the majority of listeners who continue to tune into our twice.monthly broadcasts, I'm sure they will appreciate that extra effort we put in to tweaking the knobs, crossing all the Ts and dotting the Is.

That's good because over the the next year we intend to evolve into one of the best online musical magazines out there. Still saying what we feel, kicking down some doors and continuing to make the music we think you should hear relevant to you.

Sometimes it's a tough job and although we here at the Irrelevant Rock and Roll and Music show love what  we do, you can be assured we aren't going to keep our eye on the clock anytime soon. So if you head over to the VirtuallyAudio website, you will be finally able to hear the long delayed Record Store Show. It is so stuffed with all sorts of cool music, interesting facts and witty banter that we had to stretch it over two installments. A show we feel really rocks.

A little tardy, but all the better for it.

J Hoskins

Producer, The Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show

Producer and co host J Hoskins standing outside Music, located in Serbringville, Ontario, just a few miles outside of Stratford. (Visit the Music site here) This is just one of the great independent music stores you can visit on April 16th in support of International Record Store Day

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best of IRRMS - Neil Young: This Note's For You (Part 1)

In a rebroadcast of an earlier show, first aired on March 29, 2009, we look at the music of Neil Young, focusing on his solo albums from the first decade of his recording career up to the 1979 Rust Never Sleeps album.

Host J Hoskins and his special guest, Christopher Rutty, provide some personal perspectives on Neil's life and how it was reflected through his music during this dynamic period. Of particular interest are the lesser known, but perhaps the most powerful, songs from these albums.

Part 2 (Side A) of this special show, focusing on the 1980s, is available here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Guide To Past IRRMS Episodes

You'll find a full listing/ index of past Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show episodes in this pdf document:

Click here for the episode guide

You can listen to any past show you'd like by clicking on it from the listing on the left side of this blog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The IRRMS Playlist For March

Here's what's coming up in March on The Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show... (revised)

Sunday March 13th: The First official Prog Show -The Branches Of Genesis, Part 1” featuring the music of Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett

Sunday March 20th:  Part 1 of “The Record Store Show” celebrating the continuing legacy of Toronto record stores and International Record Store Day, Saturday April 16th, featuring the music of Jimi Hendrix, Chicago, Johnny Thunders and Steve Miller.

Sunday March 27th: Part 2 of “The Record Store Show” celebrating the continuing  legacy of Toronto record stores and International Record Store Day, Saturday April 16th, featuring the music of Al Stewart, Jeff Beck, Slade and The Godfathers.

Sunday April 3rd:  “The Return of the Roots of Rock Show” featuring Saint Jude, Black Country Communion, The Black Crowes, Hard Stuff, and a tribute to the late great Gary Moore.

Coming at you in April: “The Hey They Can Really Sing Show,” & “The Branches of Genesis, Part 2”

Best from J Hoskins, Krafty and Chris the Prog Guy

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Rockin' Psychobilly Show

This week J and Krafty make a trip to the Irrelevant Rock & Roll music vaults to unearth the Rockin' Psychobilly Show, originally broadcast on June 29, 2009.

Listen to the show on the main Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show site

So settle back pull up a chair and groove to the rocking and slightly deranged sounds of musical demons the likes of Dick Dale, Psychocharger, The Cramps, and Ghoultown.

Meanwhile, J and Krafty will try and look busy gearing up for their marathon four show run in March.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Progressive Rock Shows Highlights #3: "The Really Big Prog Show"

"The Really Big Prog Show" which originally aired on the April 12, 2009 edition of The Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show was the first of a series of shows fully dedicated to progressive rock, both classic and new.

Listen to the show by clicking here.

Progressive folk rock pioneers, The Strawbs, are featured in this show, including a discussion of their "The Broken Hearted Bride" album, released in September 2008.

The Strawbs are also the focus of a "Retro Perspective" discussion of their career by J. Hoskins & Krafty.

You'll find lots more info about The Strawbs on their extensive website.

Other show highlights include "Crossfire" in which two new albums are showcased and debated.

In the Crossfire on this show are the debut album from Diagonal, and X-World/5's "New Universal Order."

For more on the Diagonal debut album, check the reviews on Progarchives

Check out X-World/5's website here

Another feature of IRRMS is the Find of the Week, in which great albums that may have been overlooked are featured. On this show we uncover "Second Life Syndrome" by Riverside, which was released in 2005.

You'll find more info on this Riverside on their website and also at Progarchives.

Also included in the show is our Alternative Classic Rock Track, "Knife Edge," by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, from ELP's 1970 debut album.

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Progressive Rock Shows Highlights #2

One of the great progressive rock bands, although on the softer, moodier side, is The Moody Blues.

Back in Season 2, the December 7, 2008 edition of The Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show included a Retro Retrospective on The Moody Blues. You can listen to the show here.

For more on The Moody Blues, check out their website.

Another great source of info and commentary about The Moody Blues and their extensive musical legacy, is their page at Progarchives, the Ultimate Prog Rock Resource.

Progressive Rock Shows Highlights #1

A favorite theme of the Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show has been Progressive Rock, or simply Prog.

Back in Season 1, the April 13, 2008 show "The New Prog" was the focus of a "Crossfire" segment, where the merits of The Mars Volta's "The Bedlam in Goliath" album and Threshold's "Dead Reckoning" are debated by J. Hoskins & Krafty.

You can listen to the show by clicking here.

You can also decide for yourself by checking out the albums at:

Threshold | The Mars Volta

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome to the IRRMS Blog: Stay Tuned...

This blog is designed to complement and supplement the main Irrelevant Rock & Roll & Music Show website, where the format provides an opportunity to promote new shows, invite feedback from listeners, and feature the best of past shows by theme or particular artist.

We can also include album art and links to additional materials related to each show.

Stay tuned while we get things together here. In the meantime, you can browse through the past shows episode guide to the left.


The IRRMS Team